Hello WSNA Nurses,

On July 2, your negoti­a­tion team met for the first time with manage­ment to begin bargaining your WSNA contract. We submitted our entire initial proposals. Manage­ment hasn’t responded yet as they too submitted their proposals. We have sched­uled to additional meetings for July 16 and July 23. We will send updates as soon as we have something more substan­tive to report.

Please make sure to see Laurie next week to get your WSNA badge reels and goodies. Let’s make sure that manage­ment can see that we are all standing in unity to make sure we get the best possible contract!

In solidarity, Your negoti­a­tion team.

Gena Martinez
Laurie Smith
Jim Wanner
Anita Duvall

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Mara Kieval at mkieval@wsna.org.